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MISHAWAKA, Ind.–You may have heard of the term “vaccine passport” that’s been tossed around by the Biden administration. Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), says no to the idea. She spoke about that, and her ideas about federal mandates to get the vaccine, at a stop in Mishawaka, Wednesday.

“The vaccine issue is a really personal decision,” she told reporters. “I think it’s a great conversation to be having. But, I would not support a federal mandate.”

Walorski, who represents north central Indiana in DC, said she believes the federal government has gone far enough with intruding into peoples personal lives, as far as coronavirus is concerned.

“Me personally, I’m not gonna support some kind of a federal app where you check the box that says ‘you have this’. I think it’s completely un-American. I think it totally erodes our individual rights in this country of who we are and what we espouse.”

She said the Biden administration has enough to worry about, without infringing upon the rights of Americans.

Pres. Biden first asked his team to look into vaccine cards being required for travel in January. He asked them to also assess what a digital version might look like.

Some countries require proof of vaccinations for diseases like yellow fever and tuberculosis.