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First, it was Americans of a portly persuasion needing scooters to grab a jug of milk at Walmart:

Next came the emotional support animals:

And now, a man in Montana is setting an all-new standard of excellence by riding his horse, Ol’ Paint, into the brand new Town Pump store in Bozeman.

In fairness, even if Ol’ Paint crapped on the floor, he’d still be more hygienically-conscious than some of the people Jason Hammer has encountered at the Beech Grove, Indiana Walmart.

Town Pump shared the video to their Facebook page and kindly asked customers to leave their horses at the hitchin’ post in the future.

“Now while we understand that you might have a codependent relationship with ol’ Paint,” the store wrote on Facebook, “we do ask that you dismount, ask your bronco to wait outside, and enter our stores solo in the future.”

Please Note: Petsmart still allows animals of all breeds and types.

Hammer and Nigel have more in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?” The segment includes the heartwarming story of a woman in Florida who accidentally hit a kid and the kid’s grandmother with her car, but asked the judge to go easy on her since she “didn’t do it on purpose.”