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(INDIANAPOLIS) — Legislators are still figuring out how far to go in restricting Governor Holcomb’s

emergency powers. But there’s bipartisan agreement on demanding more oversight of federal relief


President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” steers at least $3 billion to Indiana. Indianapolis Representative Ed DeLaney (D) says that effectively creates a “side budget” that only

Holcomb has control over. The House has unanimously voted to require Holcomb to deliver a

report on the usually ceremonial first day of the legislative session in November, explaining how

he’s spent or plans to spend the money. Legislators would then have the opportunity to intervene if

they disagree.

DeLaney says his proposal is cleaner than one passed by the Senate to funnel the money

through the five-member State Budget Committee. House Ways and Means Chairman Tim Brown

(R-Crawfordsville) isn’t committing to the plan as the final approach, but says passing it in the

House makes it part of discussions with the Senate.

The Senate plan is part of a bill letting legislators call themselves into session to review

emergency declarations. Legislative leaders were aiming for a quick House vote to allow time to

override a potential veto from Holcomb, who contends the bill is unconstitutional. But the House

pushed back that vote to make some technical changes to the bill’s wording.