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BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A controversial proposal to build new baseball diamonds in Brownsburg has been tabled for the final time by the town council.

A vote on the measure was supposed to take place at Thursday night’s town council meeting, but it was delayed once again. Some council members still had some unanswered questions about the project so it was decided to table it one more time.

The plan is to use revenue from the town’s economic development income tax to raise bond money to pay for the $15.5 million dollar project.

“I would say it is a wise use of our funds,” said town manager Jeff Eder. “We think it’s a great quality of life addition to the town of Brownsburg to go with our outstanding school district to support the kids coming up there.”

However, some residents say it’s quite the contrary.

“I would like to see this for the town too,” said one man who addressed the council in a public forum last week. “Who would not want something great for our children. But, the plan’s gotta work. We need to be fiscally solvent.”

Brownsburg Little League President Travis Smith said the reason they are pushing for a new baseball complex because they have outgrown their current location in downtown Brownsburg.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s delayed,” he said. “We’ve been waiting for years so we can wait another two weeks to hear what they have to say. They are doing their due diligence for taxpayers and we understand that.

If the proposal is not voted on by Apr. 8 then the proposal will be dead.