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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis hotel is being slapped with citations for breaking COVID protocols during a March Madness event it hosted.

Many people were seen in photos not wearing masks or practicing social distancing at Bottleworks. Three other businesses are getting citations as well for similar violations. While the crowds seemed to be the densest outdoors, the scene was enough to earn Bottleworks the first citation of the tournament season.

“I drove past here because I wanted to come to Bottleworks, but it was wall-to-wall, and I just turned around because it was so packed,”said Aliya Lewis who lives in Indianapolis to WISH-TV. “I did see this, and it was crazy so I just avoided it.”

“While we prefer to work collaboratively with these partners to protect the health of residents and visitors, we must also be proactive in ensuring critical safety protocols are followed,” said the Marion County Health Department in an emailed statement. “That’s why this weekend, we conducted seven spot checks in addition to our normal activities”

One of those checks was at the Bottleworks District. After the notice of the violation from the health department, Bottleworks complied. A representative for the health department would not confirm what businesses were being issued the three notices of violation that were pending Monday.