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STATE WIDE–Getting out of the house might not be a bad idea this weekend. The Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources has a book to help you make a decision on where to go spend time outside, called the “Indiana Recreation Guide” for 2021.

“People tend to call anything that is woods and preserved for recreation a park,” said Marty Benson, public information officer with the DNR, on Indiana Outdoors radio. He said it’s important to understand that Indiana has different kinds of properties, like state parks, state lakes or preserves, and that they all have different rules, different facilities ad different fees.

Those are explained in the guide, which is available HERE.

“We have had incredible visitation the past year, a lot of that spurred by the pandemic and people wanting to get out and needing to get out,” said Benson. “We’re still opening, getting more and more involved with offering activities as things start to open up.”

He said that one example is dining at the state park inns, although they don’t have the buffets back open yet.

“So, it’s important to check the property before you go to see what’s available and what may not be available yet,” he said.

Benson said people are starting to fish more this time of year, although you can fish any time of year. He said it’s important to check the guide to see what kinds of permits you need for boating, fishing or any other outdoor activity on state property.