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Dr. Anthony Fauci hopes to be able to vaccinate children as young as 6-months by the beginning of next year. How thrilling.

Is it just us, or is Anthony Fauci starting to sound more like a drug dealer than the nation’s top health expert?

We can picture him now, creeping on kids at the playground in a trench coat lined with vials of pharmaceutical-grade anti-COVID goodness.

“Hey kids, wanna try something that will make you feel amazing and protect you from a virus that is highly unlikely to result in your death? It’s free. I’ll even give you a lollipop after.”


Hey, Fauci! Go vaccinate yourself.

By the way, have you ever wondered how the “always trustworthy” U.S. government came up with their 6-foot social distancing recommendation? The backstory will make your head explode. Mock n’ Rob have the scoop in the clip below.