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WASHINGTON — It’s been two months since the Capitol riots and there are still some national guard troops are still stationed in Washington, D.C. Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana is of the opinion that it is time for them to return to their home states.

“I’m sure Capitol police, with what happened on January 6th, would want to err on the side of caution,” Braun told MSNBC. “But, almost every senator that I’ve talked to, I don’t know about anyone on the House side, think that we’re at the point where it’s overkill.”

Hearings have been happening on Capitol Hill to look into the riots that happened in early January, but a former congressman from Indiana feels that a 9/11-style commission should be convened to delve even further into the riots.

“We must understand what happened, why it happened, the best we can,” Hamilton told All Indiana Politics on WISH-TV. “We have a lot of confidence in our ability to do this if we approach it properly. That means who obviously have to have the right people.”

Hamilton helped lead the commission looking into the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2011 and says the Capitol riot, which he feels was an act of domestic terrorism, should be treated the same way.

However, he said if such a commission were to be put together, it must be bipartisan. If done properly he said it could “serve the country in a very valuable way.” Hamilton also wants Congress to make sure Capitol police officers have everything they need.

“There should be measures taken to make sure the police are adequately trained, armed, and there are enough of them,” said Hamilton. “They are fully resourced to repel any kind of attack that may come on the Capitol itself.”

The acting chief of Capitol police has been appealing to Congress to have the 2,200 national guard troops stay in Washington for another 60 days. Sen. Braun says the cost of keeping guard members in D.C. is starting to add up and could be up to the tune of “half a billion” to keep them in D.C. for the next two months.