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Former President Donald Trump spoke extensively at this year’s CPAC about the toxicity of the cancel-culture movement. The overlords at Google must have found his words unsettling. They just scrubbed the entire speech from YouTube.

What’s amazing is that the former President received widespread praise from political pundits for delivering one of his most balanced speeches of the last five years.

Yes, Trump talked about election fraud in his comments, but there certainly wasn’t anything “censor worthy” in his speech.

Nonetheless, YouTube removed all copies of the former President’s speech from their platform and suspended the account for the Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Google clearly believes they have a monopoly on what qualifies as “truth” in the new era of American fascism.

Fortunately, YouTube is a dying platform that is bleeding content creators as viewers embrace alternative options. Yes, even 800-pound gorillas have an expiration date.

And since the Mock n’ Rob show believes in free speech – even speech that “offends” us – we’re providing former President Trump’s full CPAC comments for your consumption at-will. Enjoy!

Okay, so maybe we just posted it to tick Google off.

Speaking of former President Trump, he and Republican strategist Karl Rove are currently locked in a Civil War of sorts amid a battle for the soul of the GOP. We explain what happened and why you should care in the clip below.