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You know his Viking helmet, Jacob Chansley, self-proclaimed “QAnon Shaman.”

Well, the Shaman has spoken. Paramount Plus, a new streaming service, released an episode of 60 Minutes Plus where correspondent Laurie Segall sat down via video chat with Chansley to discuss the day of the Capitol attack.

One thing that is stopping everyone in their tracks was his interpretation of how he got into the building. Chansley says he was waived in by police.

“That’s the one very serious regret I have that was believing we were waived in by police officers and that it was acceptable.”

That statement caught Tony Katz attention.

“I’m sorry, but that’s interesting. I’m curious to how that plays with others if this becomes more of a conversation piece. It certainly doesn’t do well for the conversation of ‘insurrection.’”

Is he lying? Did an officer waive them in? Is it straight delusion? We’ll see how this unfolds or if it amounts to further investigation.

Chansley is currently being held in a jail in Washington D.C. and plead not guilty to two felonies and four misdemeanor charges. A judge will consider his pre-trial release Friday.