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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A lawsuit has been filed against the University of Southern Indiana by a student who claims he was discriminated against.

Attorneys for the plaintiff, Seth Pressler, say the school asked him to leave campus because they were concerned about his Tourette Syndrome. Court documents say Pressler’s ticks often include offensive language and phrases like “I have a gun” and “I have a bomb”, which he always apologizes for afterward and says he has neither of those things.

The lawsuit says the school told Pressler in October last year to stay in his dorm and not leave for the next five days until he can be permanently moved off-campus. Because of that, his family says Pressler has had to attend classes remotely — which has been a struggle for him.

Furthermore, the school said that during that five days that Pressler could not go to the school’s dining hall for food and that he had to “call Residence Life for dining options.” One day when he did that during that five-day period, he only got a Residence Life voicemail, and other attempts to get food didn’t work.

Pressler and his family suing claiming he was unfairly treated.