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As every red-blooded patriot with a sensitive heart and a love for humanity knows, nothing is more enjoyable and rich with comedy than videos of morons causing serious but non-fatal injuries to themselves.

Yes, it’s a grand and celebrated American pastime. Why? Because it’s not happening to you or someone you love, it’s happening to a complete and total stranger on social media! It’s not a real person, it’s the internet.

Oh, you think you’re above laughing at someone else’s misfortune, Mr. “church every Sunday?”


So, there’s this electronics enthusiast who posts videos of himself doing experiments. Apparently, electronics aren’t really his expertise. We say this due to the fact that he manages to electrocute himself every single time.


Mr. Wizard he ain’t.

Hammer and Nigel offer insightful commentary on this fine American video compilation in the clip below. Share it with your friends, you selfish bas*ard.