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Another smash single from America’s most productive socially-reckless record label is making its way through the auditory canals of a nation headed for herd immunity: “Pfizer!”

Yes, just a scant time ago we were desperately begging the Big Pharma Corporations that progressive LOVE to abuse for just ONE vaccine to save us ALL from the deadly virus that was formerly known as the “Chinese Coronavirus From China.”

And Big Pharma delivered BIG TIME! At the rate we’re going, we’ll have more vaccine options than gender pronouns by the end of the year!

But… This is America. And sadly, while science DOES allow us to choose our gender, a limited supply of vaccine doses means you have only two choices for protecting yourself against the Coronavirus: get whatever vaccine they offer you when your name is called or take your chances with “natural immunity.”

Hammer and Nigel Records is pleased to present: “Pfizer!”