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Thursday evening the Biden administration launched airstrikes against an Iranian-backed militia in Eastern Syria. Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby says the strikes were in direct response to recent attacks against the US and coalition personnel in Iraq.

Rep. Jim Banks, who chairs The Republican Study Committee, says he was not briefed prior to the attack, but he’s not surprised by the targeted bombing.

“I mean, this was a very isolated and as minor as they come: checking the Iranian proxies and bombing a facility or building. It makes sense.”

The Biden administration is currently negotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal. Banks points out the hypocrisy.

“The bottom line here is that four years Democrats said this wasn’t happening. They denied that these Iranian proxy groups were attacking American soldiers in Iraq… I can’t understand why in the world they would be going at lengths to renegotiate the flawed Iranian nuclear deal, when they’re admitting at the same time that Iran is one of the worst actors on the globe.”

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