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First things first: the dog is fine, thank goodness.

On with the show…

A Tennessee woman is being hailed a “hero” after rescuing a dog who nearly died due to her negligence.

Security footage from behind Jennie Tatum’s home in Murfreesboro shows her dog, Sid, run across the ice of their frozen backyard pool and fall through into the freezing water.

Good old “Courageous Tatum” climbs into the pool and starts breaking up the ice. Unfortunately, the “Lionheart of Murfreesboro” is unable to locate Sid, so she hops back out of the pool.

“I knew he went in there, so I get up and see him from above,” Tatum “bravely” told WTVF-TV.

Tatum – far too lazy to properly winterize her pool but thankfully, willing to rescue her pet – jumps back into the water and finally pulls her nearly dead dog to the surface.

Sid was revived using oxygen and is now fully recovered.

So let’s review:

  • Tatum didn’t winterize her pool and place a cover on it.
  • Tatum didn’t protect her dog from the giant, ice-covered hazard in her backyard.
  • Tatum’s dog fell through the ice and nearly died.
  • Tatum saw the whole thing and rescued Sid from her carelessness.
  • Tatum goes on television and tells her “courageous” story and the entire nation hails her a “hero.”

How is Tatum a hero?? It’s her fault the dog nearly died! That’s like causing a car accident by throwing a handful of nails into the street and then being praised by the media for pulling the injured drivers from the wreckage. What a hero!

Are you kidding me? Trump negotiated several historic peace treaties in the Middle East and the media called him “racist.”

Inescapable conclusion: Sid needs a new home.

Anyway, here’s the video: