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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A search for a stolen car led to police officers in Evansville shooting the accused thief in the shoulder on Thursday.

Undercover officers in street clothes were tailing Anthony Scott Sapp, 38, who was driving the stolen Dodge Charger along Ruston Avenue Thursday afternoon. The detectives called for back-up in order to try and arrest Sapp.

But Sapp figured out who the men were and when the officers got out to try and get him out of the car, Sapp tried to run over one of the detectives with the stolen car. That’s when one of the detectives fired a shot through the windshield, hitting Sapp in the shoulder.

“After the suspect was shot, motor patrol unit showed up and assisted the detectives in removing the suspect from the vehicle,” said Evansville police Sgt. Nick Winsett. “He continued to struggle and a taser had to be administered at that moment. They were finally able to get him into custody.”

Sapp was treated at a nearby hospital for his gunshot wound, which was non-life-threatening, and then booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail. Winsett said it was a stressful situation.

“You know, you’re glued to the radio,” Winsett said. “You just prayer you hear those officers get on the radio and speakers. Fortunately, they are both safe.”

He said both officers were not wearing body cameras since they were in street clothes at the time of the arrest. Both men are on paid administrative leave while the shooting is looked into, which is standard procedure.