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The CDC has made it blatantly clear that teachers DO NOT have to be vaccinated in order for children to return to school, but the Biden administration refuses to take a firm position on the matter.

Enjoy pleasing footage of the always unlikable Vice President Kamala Harris (God Help Us) attempting to dodge questions from NBC’s Samantha Guthrie about the Biden administrations’ constantly changing timeline on reopening schools.

Keep in mind that Joe Biden campaigned on the “party of science” narrative. The science, according to the CDC, says we can reopen schools NOW.

Odd, no? I wonder why the Biden administration is suddenly anti-science?

Oh, the teachers’ union. Got it.

Fun Fact: By Democrat rules, Joe Biden is now responsible for 90,000 deaths from COVID-19n since being sworn in as President. CNN always fails to mention that. Hmm…

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