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It’s been almost a month since Trump left office and people are already asking “will you run in 2024?”

Greg Kelly with Newsmax audaciously asked the former president Wednesday during an interview.

Trump’s answer was the most Trump answer you could expect.

He takes the opportunity to deflect the question by talking about his continued support and social media following. However, the underlying message of boastfully pointing out his supporters suggests that his political career may not be finished. Finally answering the question with “As far as 24, too early to say, but I see a lot of great polls out there, that’s for sure.”

-which to Tony seems like a fair response.

“Is he thinking about running for 2024? Sure. Is anyone actually having that conversation right now? Doubtful. Should they? No, no. Strategic thinking doesn’t say ‘yup that’s it, we’re done.’ You take a breath. It could very well be him.”

Let’s all take a breath and let the man enjoy some golf for a minute.