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INDIANAPOLIS–It is taking a while to clear lanes of streets, roads and interstates. But, you were told to expect that. It doesn’t mean that snow plows are not out or that the salt and plow truck drivers are not doing their jobs.

“It is gonna take us multiple passes across these streets to get them down to bare pavement,” warned Dan Parker, director of the Indianapolis Dept. of Public Works, at a Monday afternoon news conference. Part of the purpose of the news conference was to manage your expectations.

Parker said the sheer amount of snow would likely make it difficult for the plow trucks to have an effect immediately, and that it may take several days to get the streets clear.

The drivers are expected to drive in 12-hour shifts through Thursday, or possibly even Friday.

Parker urged people to remember that the drivers have to be careful just like everyone else, and that they have the added responsibility of driving a 30-ton truck and not colliding with anyone else’s car.

“They work continuously around the clock, trying to make the difference. And, they’re good workers,” said Steve Quick, president of AFSCME Local 725, the union that represents the plow truck drivers. He said the drivers have to take their own personal cars to work, which is also a risk that some other people might have the luxury of avoiding during a storm.

“Everybody be safe. Support the folks that are actually doing the work. Realize God controls the weather and we can only be reactive to it.”