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The left-wing moral degenerates of cancel culture have a new target: The Chicks on the Right.

Actually, left-wing activists have intermittently been after the Chicks for several years. Their modus operandi is to attack, spend a few weeks writing hateful emails, but ultimately, they throw in the towel when they realize that activism requires actual work. In other words, their behavior is akin to a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. The fundamental difference is that the toddler is far more intellectually astute than the liberal activist.

Recently, however, the proud officers of the P.C. police – codename “Gestapo 2.0” – have a renewed sense of irrational rage. Hair-odor connoisseur Joe Biden won the presidency, but his victory failed to soothe the rage of progressive basement dwellers who never learned to regulate their emotions. As a result, the official “cancel culture phone tree” was enacted by your friendly neighborhood hatemongers in an effort to gang up on as many conservative personalities and media outlets as possible.

Mock & Rob discussed the renewed attacks on the Chicks on the Right in today’s edition of SpeedRound.