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NEW CASTLE, Ind.–The anit-Christ is a convicted murderer from Lake County, who’s in the New Castle Correctional Facility. That’s according to the man himself, and he’s filed a lawsuit to ask for the chance to prove it.

Elliot McKinley Montgomery isn’t a name that you’ll see in Revelation. But, the Muncie “Star Press” reports the man has filed a lawsuit in Delaware County Court that claims he is the anti-Christ, and asks a judge for the opportunity to prove his family heritage and that he is the king of the Earth.

LINK: Original article from the Muncie Star Press

He sent the court two documents.

One is six pages long, hand-written, and details his claim that Montgomery’s uncle died and was resurrected in 1974, albeit for a short time, says the document. He also says that the world will end in 2031, and that until then coronavirus “and its famine” will increase.

Another document is seven pages long and is the one asking a judge for a hearing to prove that Montgomery is the rightful king of the Earth.

LINK: Montgomery’s prison record

He is in the psych unit at the prison. Montgomery was part of a group of people that help up a Gary gas station in 2009. A co-defendant shot and killed the clerk.

Montgomery’s earliest release date is in 2043, so he’d likely have to wait until the State of Indiana is done with him to begin his term as ruler of the world.