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WIBC’s Rob Kendall of the Mock & Rob Show is a man of deeply-held convictions and principles. He’s a man who believes in standing up for what’s right in America – regardless of how wrong he is on any multitude of topics.

That’s why we at the “WIBC Institute for Blatant Hypocrisy And Offensive Odors” are deeply shocked by Mr. Kendall’s decision to eschew criticism of his personal hero and role model, Bruce Springsteen.

Springsteen, a widely recognized musician, and communist, apparently enjoys riding his motorized crotch rocket while knocking back the booze, and little Robbie Kendall is just fine with that.

Springsteen was arrested and charged with DWI, reckless driving, and consuming alcohol in a closed area on November 14th, according to the National Park Service.

The Asbury Park Press says that Springsteen’s blood alcohol count was 0.02 at the time of his arrest, which is one quarter the legal limit in New Jersey. Why’s that a problem? Because Sandy Hook is federal property and alcohol was banned on its beaches two years ago.

But it’s not a problem with Rob. After all, Springsteen only took a shot of Tequila and went on his way. Rob, embracing his feminine side, can knock out 10-15 Long Island Iced Teas in under an hour on his downtime. What’s a shot?

WIBC’s Jason Hammer of the Hammer and Nigel Show dropped by the studios Thursday morning to examine the fallacy in Rob’s defense of his spirit animal.

And yes, the photograph attached to this photo is John Cafferty – not Springsteen. Why? Because he’s awesome and was the voice of Eddie Wilson in “Eddie and the Cruisers.” So piss off!