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MARION COUNTY, Ind. — It’s not time for testing, it’s time to catch-up. That’s the message nine Marion County school superintendents are sending to the Indiana Department of Education.

The superintendents sent a letter to the department, which says that students could study and catch-up on the learning they’ve missed over the past year, instead of taking standardize tests. The superintendents are also concerned with physically conducting school wide tests.

Pike Township Superintendent Flora Reichanandter tells WISH-TV that this spring is a chance at catching up, not testing material students may not know.

“So for me, it is about those days that are used for assessment would be much better served for actual instructional time to help continue to make up the loss of opportunity that has happened in the last year,” Reichanandter tells WISH-TV.

The letter also cites concerns about students who may be in the middle of a quarantine, or students who are learning virtually. The superintendents say that there’s a reason why families have chosen online learning over in-person classes, and bringing those students back into physical classes could be troublesome to families.

Reichanandter also tells WISH-TV that health concerns could lead to a student starting a test, but not being to finish it.

“It is possible that we have a student that starts and then they can’t finish the test which would invalidate it,” she tells WISH-TV.

The nine superintendents that signed the letter include: Dr. Paul Kaiser of Beech Grove City Schools, Dr. Bruce Hibbard of Franklin Township Community Schools, Dr. Matthew Prusiecki, MSD of Decatur Township, Dr. Shawn A. Smith, MSD of Lawrence Township, Dr. Flora Reichanadter, MSD of Pike Township, Dr. Timothy Hanson, MSD of Warren Township, Dr. Nikki Woodson, MSD of Washington Township, Dr. Jeff Butts, MSD of Wayne Township, Dr. Kyle Trebley, School Town of Speedway.

Indianapolis Public Schools did not sign on to the letter.