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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is so rich that even though he got divorced and gave his wife one half of his fortune, he’s STILL the richest man on the planet.

Yes, Jeff Bezos amassed his fortune of $184.6 billion dollars the hard way: by building a successful business on the help of his loyal workers who have an average net worth of less than $10,000.

We don’t begrudge Jeff Bezos for making money and getting disgustingly rich. We don’t resent it in the slightest… the little bald-headed bas*ard.

It has, however, come to our attention that Jeff Bezos might actually be an evil superhero. The evidence? His laugh.

Jeff Bezo’s laugh has evolved over the years as his bank account has grown. In fact, the more money he makes, the eviler his laugh becomes.


By the way, Hammer and Nigel once started a letter-writing campaign to bring Bezos to Indianapolis. Their heartwarming sentiments are available for your enjoyment in the clip below.