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STATEWIDE — It’s cookie time, Indiana!

Truckloads of Girl Scout Cookies are rolling into central Indiana this week. Nearly a million packages will be delivered between now and Sunday in cities across the state.

Girl Scouts will begin delivering pre-ordered cookies as soon as they receive them. Girl Scout Cookies are also being sold online by Girl Scouts of Central Indiana through “online cookie booths“. Cookies will also be sold beginning in mid-February at socially distant or contact-free troop-run cookie booths in front of grocery stores and other retailers.

The cost is $5 per package for all Girl Scout Cookie varieties.

“Customers who buy cookies from their local Girl Scouts can be assured the proceeds will directly benefit Girl Scouts in their community. Girl Scouts of Central Indiana uses cookie earnings to power amazing experiences for girls through council programming, while girls and their troops decide how to invest in impactful community projects, personal enrichment opportunities, and more,” said Katie Dawson, Communications Manager for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

Feeling hungry? You can also use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app on your mobile phone to find a socially-distant or contact-free cookie booth in their area.