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INDIANAPOLIS — Twin brothers from Indianapolis are accused of burglarizing 500 Guns on West 16th Street.

According to Indy Metro Police, 18-year-old Jayveon and Tayveon Majors crashed a stolen vehicle into the front of the building on Jan. 22 and stole nine guns.

After conducting surveillance at their home on Sugar Grove Road, police got a search warrant for the property.

Just before IMPD SWAT team members arrived on Jan. 26, the Majors brothers tried to flee and get into a stolen Dodge pickup truck. They were taken into custody and the home was searched.

On the property, Crime Gun Intelligence Center investigators found the following:

  • Smith and Wesson Model 41 Rifle
  • Sport King SK100 Handgun
  • SOS Imports Lynx 12 Shotgun
  • Winchester XTR 1500 Shotgun
  • LLA Commanche .38 Special Pistol
  • Harrington Model 58 Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • Marijuana
  • Stolen Vehicles

The Majors brothers were booked into the Marion Couty Jail on a federal hold pending the official filing of federal charges.