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WASHINGTON — President Biden signed another swath of executive order on Tuesday, orders that he says are aimed at undoing bad policy when it comes to immigration.

Biden signed three orders Tuesday, the first of which calls to form a task force to reunite migrant families who were separated at the southern border. The President also issued directives ordering an evaluation into legal immigration programs and called to develop a strategy to address the root causes of migration.

Indiana Sen. Todd Young offered no specific opinion on whether he agrees with the orders on Tuesday but said that he is not a fan of the “pen and phone” approach the president is taking towards solving what he calls a “broken” immigration system.

“I think we should give legislation and give unity a chance,” he said. “And that means working through our elected representatives. Whether it’s discreet solutions to specific immigration problems or, instead, a larger package that focuses on a number of immigration related issues.”

One thing Young is concerned about is letting too many people into the country at this particular time with so many American citizens still without a job because of the pandemic.

“What I think we don’t need to be doing right now is allowing workers, or would-be workers, into this country as we emerge from a pandemic and serious economic downturn that could be competing with existing workers,” Young said.

He said the orders from Biden aren’t exactly “grounded in any form of consensus” and he said that, in the long run, doesn’t make them very “durable.”

Biden made it clear as he signed the executive orders that he was not a new law in signing them but rather “eliminating bad policy.”