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Meghan McCain, the lone Republican co-host on the insufferable ABC program “The View” took a shot at Katie Couric Monday over recent comments Couric made about how the country should view former supporters of President Trump.

Couric suggested to Bill Maher in early January that she felt the country would need to “also deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

McCain – NOT a supporter of Donald Trump, mind you – called Couric’s comments “out of bounds” and said Democrats and other public figures with public platforms should be calling for “unity” in the wake of President Biden’s victory.

“Instead we’re hearing a lot of language from people like Katie Couric talking about Republicans like me need to be deprogrammed, that we’re brainwashed — that 74 million Americans are basically irredeemable people, that we don’t need to communicate with or in any way have anything to do with,” McCain said.

“I think it’s horribly dangerous for the country and I also think it’s horribly dangerous for Democrats. … Honestly, they can go to hell because I don’t need to be deprogrammed.”

Well done, Meghan. We’ll let you back into the GOP club on a probationary status.

“Mock n’ Rob” have more on Meghan’s comments in the clip below.