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Inauguration Day, 2021…

We were told there would be riots…

We were told there would be destruction…

We were told the violence would be so intense that Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett might be forced to awaken from his slumber and issue a tweet asking for “peace.”

Yes, conservatives were not at all pleased with the fact that President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would be sworn into office this week, and the elite brain trust of Gov. Eric Holcomb and the legislature told us it would look like this:


So what happened when Tuesday finally rolled around?


Not a single protestor. Not a single window busted. The streets of downtown Indianapolis looked more like a lazy Sunday afternoon in “Mayberry” than a war zone.

WIBC’s Mock ‘n Rob have a couple of things to say about that.

TRIGGER WARNING: The following audio clip contains common sense, intelligent thinking, and words spoken at an extremely high decibel level that could potentially shred speakers.