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Social media network Parler is receiving help from a Russian-based technology firm after Amazon Web Services canceled its hosting agreement with the company.

Parler reemerged on Sunday with a message from CEO John Matze telling users its return “is inevitable,” about a week after Amazon pulled it over concerns the platform could not adequately moderate potentially incendiary content.

Parler Screenshot shows message from CEO explaining his company's move from Amazon servers and what's next for the company.

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Russian-based firm DDoS-Guard said in a statement to The Hill it started servicing Parler on Sunday night:

“The security provider is not at liberty to disclose the services provided to the customers as it contradicts our privacy policy. However, due to the increased media attention, we have to state that the customer does not use the hosting service.”

Reuters was the first to confirm the partnership with Parler on Monday.

According to “The Hill,” The company provides a multitude of services, including protection from distributed denial of service attacks, infrastructure expert Ronald Guilmette told the newswire.


Parler, which disclosed it has over 12 million users, sued Amazon last Monday after the ecommerce giant and cloud services provider cut off service, citing poor moderation of calls to violence.

Did you ever think you’d see the day when an American company needed Russia’s help withstanding up to censorship and supporting free speech?

WIBC host Tony Katz offers his comments on the bizarre arrangement in the clip below.