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The heartwarming moments of genuine American pride don’t stop in the final days of the Trump presidency.

The Daily Reporter claims President Donald Trump tore into Vice President Mike Pence over the phone just prior to the Vice President going to oversee the certification of the November election results in the Capitol on Jan. 6.

The New York Times was first with the story, noting that Trump was furious that Pence refused to aid his efforts to overturn the election after a series of conversations in which the president pressured him to do so.

“Pence had a choice between his constitutional duty and his political future, and he did the right thing,” said John Yoo, a legal scholar consulted by Mr. Pence’s office. “I think he was the man of the hour in many ways — for both Democrats and Republicans. He did his duty even though he must have known, when he did it, that that probably meant he could never become president.”

Others were less than magnanimous towards Pence.

“I’m glad he didn’t break the law, but it’s kind of hard to call somebody courageous for choosing not to help overthrow our democratic system of government,” said Representative Tom Malinowski, Democrat of New Jersey. “He’s got to understand that the man he’s been working for and defending loyally is almost single-handedly responsible for creating a movement in this country that wants to hang Mike Pence.”

Meanwhile, the House moved forward with impeachment proceedings Tuesday, but WIBC host Tony Katz notes that it is difficult to legally prove that Donald Trump incited a riot.

Katz lays out his case in the clip below.