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WASHINGTON–The metal detectors installed in the Capitol after last week’s riots are too much for some Republicans, including Rep. Larry Bucshon, of Indiana. He was one of several Republican members of Congress to complain about the devices.

“Under the direction of Speaker Pelosi, magnetometers are at entrances to the House floor. Members of Congress are not allowed to perform their duty to vote on behalf of their constituents without going through this “security” checkpoint. @GOPLeader needs to formally protest,” Tweeted Bucshon, Tuesday.

Some of his colleagues refused to go through the detectors. It is unclear if Bucshon actually physically bypassed the detectors.

“The speaker and her Democratic colleagues think an appropriate response is to prevent members from exercising their 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights in the very place that wasn’t secure a week ago,” said Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.), on the House floor.

“This attack didn’t come from the inside. It came from the outside, and to respond by restricting members 2nd Amendment rights in the very institution that is supposed to uphold those rights is appalling,” he said.

Bucshon said he believes the restriction is unconstitutional.

“What @SpeakerPelosi is doing by forcing the Capitol Police to not allow Members onto the House floor without a “security” checkpoint is unconstitutional based on Article 1, Section 6. This should not stand,” Tweeted Bucshon.

The Indiana Democratic Party responded by accusing Bucshon of inciting “more hot rhetoric and egged on violence at the U.S Capitol”.

Bucshon condemned last week’s violence and statements made by Pres. Trump, that he said he believed incited the riot.

“Not even a week after a domestic terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol — one where an Indiana Democrat was a target — and it appears Congressman Larry Bucshon would still rather play rhetorical political games than take necessary precautions to keep all lawmakers (and our country) safe,” said Democratic Party spokesperson Drew Anderson.

“Bucshon is proving there’s a moral problem within the Indiana Republican Party, because they’d rather abuse our trust and their constitutional duties than to show some common decency during these uncertain times. It truly shows how out of touch they really are.”

The debate that led to the installation of metal detectors lasted about 40 minutes. Republicans, like Rep. Jim Jordan, said that Democrats were playing a heavy hand with the detectors and fines for not wearing face masks.