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Former action star Bruce Willis was booted from a Rite Aid pharmacy in Los Angeles this week after the actor refused to wear a mask inside the store.

Willis, 65, and well known as one of the biggest egomaniacal a-holes in Hollywood, rose to fame in the mid-1980s with the hit series “Moonlighting.” Sadly, Bruce was cast in “Die Hard,” and his ego never came down – even though his paychecks for subsequent films most certainly did.

Intermission 1: a sampling of Bruce Willis being an ass.

But back to Bruce’s mask: he wasn’t wearing it, but he did have a bandanna tied around his neck. In theory, Willis could have easily pulled the bandana up and been in full compliance, but that likely would have made it more difficult for what’s left of his fanbase to recognize him as “that guy who used to be Bruce Willis.”

Intermission 2: a sampling of Bruce Willis being an ass again.

Willis walked out of the store without making a purchase, probably because he has enough ED medication to get him through the weekend.

Anyway, here’s Hammer and Nigel enjoying a discussion about their own “Bruce Willis” stories.