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INDIANAPOLIS–Gov. Eric Holcomb has been sworn in for a second term as governor of Indiana. Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch was also sworn in for her second term. Todd Rokita was sworn in, replacing Curtis Hill as attorney general. The swearing-in was at a ceremony at the Indiana State Museum, and was not open to the public.

Holcomb said in a short speech following the oath of office, that he believes it’s best to focus on the future, as Indiana works to pull itself out of the coronavirus pandemic. His focus, reflecting the theme of his entire first term, was on the business climate that Indiana provides.

“Fellow Hoosiers, this future is arriving faster than we anticipated and it plays to Indiana’s strengths,” he said. “The business climate we have nurtured, the seeds we have sewn are not just for today but for tomorrow.”

Holcomb pointed out that life sciences, aerospace, health care, defense, ag bio science, cyber and advanced manufacturing business sectors are all growing in the state, and that makes it more inviting for companies who would choose to make a home in Indiana. He said Hoosiers themselves also make the state inviting for new families.

“Even in the past year, during the pandemic, we added a record 31,000 job commitments.”

Holcomb said that the work of now is to try to eliminate the pandemic, but that the future is already here and Indiana should embrace its part.

Rokita said he believes his job is to protect liberty, “to defend our individual liberties from the forces that don’t understand, don’t appreciate and detest our God-given Constitutional values, and even America itself.”

Rokita spoke of “ordered liberty”, and individualism, as the foundation of our nation.

“In my administration you can expect our team to put liberty in action every singe day, starting with the defense of our God-given rights, which the founders recorded in our Constitution and its original amendments,” he said. “You will see liberty in action when we work to protect the freedom found in the right to life. You will see liberty in action when we stand up for the right of all Hoosiers to be free to peaceably assemble and go to church.”

The pledge of allegience was offered before the ceremony by members of Holcomb’s family. The “Start Spangled Banner” was performed by two students from Holcomb’s alma mater, Hanover College.