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INDIANAPOLIS — On Friday Indiana seniors, 80 years old and older, were able to schedule their coronavirus vaccine appointments.

Dorothy Muldrow is 83-years-old and is ready to get her life back. She told WISH-TV that she’s a self-proclaimed people person, and even though she’s on two bowling teams to keep her active she wants to do more.

“I just kind of hate I don’t go to church. I miss going to church,” said Muldrow.

She says she plans on asking her son to make her an appointment so she can take the vaccine as soon as possible.

Kristy Looper already has an appointment for her father lined up for next Tuesday. She said it only took her five minutes to make the appointment and hopes that with her father getting the vaccine she’ll be able to have him walk her down the aisle for her wedding this summer.

“It makes me feel good that if they do want to go to the store, they will be OK, and if we have a gathering such as a wedding, they will be protected,” said Looper.

She said the vaccine may not get life back to how it was, but thinks it is a step in the right direction.

“It’s a relief for me to know we have something. Now we don’t have worry a whole lot about dying,” said Muldrow.