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INDIANAPOLIS — Two same-sex penguins are now first-time fathers together as they welcome their first child at the Indianapolis Zoo.

The Indianapolis Zoo said two new Gentoo penguin chicks were hatched just days before Christmas, one being born to a same-sex pair.

The zoo said the two male penguins became dads when their chick hatched on Dec. 15. A female that was paired with another penguin laid the egg and left it with the two, who have been caring for it ever since.

Gentoo penguins co-parent their young, and the two dads have taken turns tending the nest, incubating the egg, and feeding the chick.

The other new baby chick hatched a week earlier on Dec. 8, to a female-male pair, who are also first-time parents.

The two penguin chicks are the first to hatch at the Indianapolis Zoo since 2012.