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ATLANTA — Raphael Warnock appears to be making history as Georgia’s first elected black U.S. Senator.  He addressed his supporters in a video message overnight.

“We were told we couldn’t win this election,” Warnock said. “But tonight we proved that with hope, hard work, and the people by our side anything is possible.”

Democrat Warnock is projected to win a tight race against incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

In addition to being the state’s first black senator, Warnock would be the first Democrat to win a Senate seat there in two decades.

In Georgia’s other closely-watched Senate runoff race, Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff has extended his lead over incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue but the race remains too close to call.  At stake is control of the Senate.

If Ossoff wins, control of the chamber will go to the Democrats by the slimmest of margins with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris casting tiebreaking votes.