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INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers want to win big in the new year.

The Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots are both more than $400 million.

To be exact the Mega Millions was up to $432 million, and the Powerball was at $410 million, as of Tuesday.

“They are selling hope by $400 million dollars worth,” said Brian Mayes in Indianapolis.

He told WISH-TV the pandemic makes him even more eager to win. He’s a sub-contractor, and if he won it would change the way things are. He said he would be on a beach somewhere.

For Victoria Knox, gambling isn’t something they normally do, but because the jackpots are so big, they say it’s nice to dream.

“I am hoping I win today,” Knox said. “That is why I bought them today. I was like how am I going to win if I don’t try?”

The Mega Millions drawing is happening Tuesday night, and the Powerball drawing will be Wednesday.