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WASHINGTON  —  President Trump is again insisting he won Georgia and says he wants to find the votes that prove he did.

“The Washington Post” reports Trump said that in a phone call he had Saturday with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

The newspaper got a hold of audio from the call where Raffensperger asserted the election was accurate.

Trump pushed back and said it wasn’t, saying the totals were way off.  Trump said he wanted to find nearly 12,000 votes in the state where President-elect Joe Biden won.  Trump also suggested a crime was committed in relation to ballots from the Atlanta area.

Before the audio was released, Trump made reference to his conversation with Raffensperger in a tweet.  He said the secretary couldn’t or didn’t answer many questions and finished the tweet with, “He has no clue!”  Raffensperger with his own tweet and said the President’s claim wasn’t true.