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WASHINGTON–An Indiana Republican who is about to begin serving her first term in Congress says people who believe America should begin absorbing socialist ideals have been brainwashed.

“I think it’s important for us to look at the history,” said Congresswoman-elect Victoria Spartz, in an appearance on Fox News. “It never brought any good to any country.”

Spartz grew up in the Ukraine under socialist rule and immigrated to America. She is a farmer and business person in Hamilton County. In January, she will replace Rep. Susan Brooks, who is leaving the job after eight years.

“It’s a big difference what the system brings. We’re a system with a rule of law and rule of market forces versus a system where political elites and government rules us,” she said.

She said that people who wish to move in a socialist direct are misguided and have been brainwashed.

“At the end it makes us all equally poor.”