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Nothing ruins the holidays like one of the kids getting impaled by a ceiling fan blade.

Fact: More than 190,000 ceiling fans made by Hampton Bay and sold at Home Depot are being recalled after reports that the blades fell off while spinning, hitting people, damaging drywall, and setting buyers up for one heck of a class-action lawsuit.

Look at this:

Please Note: The blazing fire pictured above had nothing to do with ceiling fans. It just caught our eye.

But look at THIS:

See? The fire tweet was much more exhilarating.

Smart thinkers at the Consumer Product Safety Commission are advising owners of these quick-release ninja blade ceiling fans to not use them.

And don’t do this either:

911 Operator: “Hi, 911, what is your emergency?”

Caller: “I’m bleeding profusely from my head and have minor brain damage.”

911 Operator: “Okay, sir. Paramedics are on their way. How did the injury occur?”

Caller: “I done jumped into a ceiling fan for my YouTube channel.”

911 Operator: “Okay, sir. Paramedics are still on their way, but they’re now obeying all speed limits and taking the scenic route to your place.”

Fact: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said it received 47 reports of the blades falling off, two reports of people being hit by them, and four reports of the blades causing property damage.

No one has been killed by a defective Hampton Bay ceiling fan yet, but when that moment inevitably comes, rest assured it will be recorded as a COVID-19 death.

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