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Those rascally Democrats are at it again: spamming my phone with desperate text messages pleading with me to support radical Jon Ossoff and alleged foot-crusher, Raphael Warnock, ahead of their Jan. 5 Senate runoffs.

Monday afternoon, I received the following text message from (470) 410-7090:

Georgia Democrats: Brian, the upcoming Senate runoff races are critical for the future of Georgia. We need senators that will fight to get COVID-19 under control and put our country and our economy back on track. Can we count on you to vote for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for Senate?

My Reply: No, but you can count on me to vote for the Republican candidates. Thanks for the reminder! πŸ‘

A text exchange between the Georgia Democrat party and WIBC writer, Brian B.

This is about the third text message I’ve received from their campaign in the last few weeks. How did I get on their list? I have my suspicions, SAG-AFTRA, but I’m not pointing fingers or anything.

Why am I still on their list after sending them multiple punishing text messages? Beats me, but I’m having a lovely time!

Amazingly, these hard-working Democrat spam texters had the arrogance and imprudence to respond.

Georgia Democrats: Even though a stimulus package has passed, $600 per adult is not enough to cover any daily expenses. I don’t know about you, but I cannot pay for my rent with a $600 check! Don’t you want representation in the Senate who will get us what we really deserve?
My Reply: No, I’d rather have representation that doesn’t turn down a budget deal prior to an election and allow Americans to suffer so they can get Biden elected, punishes small business owners, wastes my tax dollars supporting programs that keep people of color trapped in the cycle of poverty, tells my child to believe in science while simultaneously supporting the non-scientific concept of multiple genders, supports using my money for student-loan forgiveness when other graduates paid theirs off and were responsible, allows radicals like AOC to run the party platform, supports socialist programs, gives the country away to China, colludes with the press to hide a federal investigation into Biden’s son, burns down neighborhoods and minority-owned businesses in the name of “racial justice,” threatens their GOP rivals with violence, tells the country that a life-saving vaccine is unsafe and then lets a 30-year-old congresswoman in perfect health skip the line and get the vaccine ahead of the elderly, attacks our police officers in the streets and promotes LESS law enforcement, eats luxury ice cream from a subzero fridge while homeless people starve to death outside her gated home, promotes open borders, changed the laws related to a crucial election “as needed” to give their pathetic candidates an advantage, promotes censorship, calls Christians “deplorable,” ruins my healthcare plan, robs the country blind for decades via inane trade agreements that killed American manufacturing jobs then attacks a Republican President who pushed trade policies that used to be the policies of blue-collar democrats and unions in the 60s and 70s, preaches equality while sowing hate and division, destroyed the middle-class, calls black people who don’t tow the party line “traitors to their race,” and then has stupidity to strengthen my resolve to vote Republican by saying, “Don’t you want free money?” I’ve also got this thing against Senate candidates running over their ex-wife’s foot.
In conclusion, yes, I want to vote for a candidate who will get you EXACTLY what you deserve. But valiant effort on the indirect financial bribe to vote for your candidates! Very Democrat of you! πŸ‘ XOXO

For some inexplicable reason, I didn’t hear back after that. Was it something I said?

A text exchange between the Georgia Democrat party and WIBC writer, Brian B. 3