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INDIANAPOLIS — Democrats in the statehouse are starting to reveal what they would like to see accomplished in the upcoming legislative session.

The new leader of Senate Democrats, State Sen. Greg Taylor, said their legislative priority is simply “the people.” More specifically they plan to talk a lot about how they can help individual Hoosiers and Hoosier businesses, redrawing Indiana’s congressional districts, and teacher pay.

Republicans in both the statehouse and in Congress have been adamant that in any COVID legislation that is discussed, they want to see liability protections for businesses during the pandemic. That is something Taylor says they are open to working on in the State Senate.

“We’re considering supporting some limits to liability,” Taylor said. “However we’ve got to be careful to make sure that the people who get this kind of protection do the right things to stop the spread of this virus.”

He said Hoosier businesses have to be held to account in enforcing mask mandates imposed by the governor.

Taylor also wants to find ways that legislators can make life easier for front line workers who are treating people with coronavirus. Taylor did not point to any specific ways they could accomplish that.

He also roped teachers into that conversation, saying they deserve to receive financial help from the state, whether it be through direct raises, or help with at least covering costs of running their classrooms.