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The finicky gift receiver: we’ve all got one on our shopping list this year.

Maybe it’s a family member.

Maybe it’s a friend.

Maybe it’s an overindulged millennial child in his 40s who didn’t receive enough belt whoopings in his youth.

Too late now, mom and dad! He’s not budging from your basement until his YouTube channel finally takes off – and that’s NEVER going to happen. Your only hope to break free at this point is to change your name and leave the state.

Parental Abandonment Pro-Tip: Make your exit from his life at 1 pm in the afternoon when he’s usually sleeping.

But I digress…

We all have that ‘hard to shop for’ boil on our holiday list buttock this year. If you’re still hunting for the perfect gift, the Mock n’ Rob Show is here to help.

Behold the $.8.4 million luxury-edition doomsday bunker:

An underground former nuclear missile launch control facility officer's quarters displays a mural of deer on August 26, 2011 in South Dakota. Located in the rural farmland of the South Dakota plains, the bunker is now a national historical site open to visitors. Put out of service after treaties with the former Soviet Union, the missiles controlled by this room were probably capable of destroying the planet. (Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Okay, that’s actually a picture of an underground former nuclear missile launch control facility officer’s quarters in South Dakota, but it’s the only somewhat relevant photo that’s part of our license agreement with Getty Images that we could find.

Here’s what’s included in the $8.4 million “Aristocrat” doomsday bunker by Clyde Scott:

  • Sleeps over 50 people.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Bowling Alley.
  • Shooting Range.
  • Fitness Center.
  • Gaming Center.
  • Greenhouse.

We’re not sure how much square footage you get with an $8.4 million bunker, but the Overlook Hotel seemed pretty darn big. Those three people were only locked up together for about six months before “Jack” decided the only way he could get some writing done was to murder his family with an ax.

Anyway, if an $8.4 million doomsday bunker is in your budget this year, banks are offering very aggressive interest rates right now. Jump on it while you can.

Doomsday Bunker ‘Smart Shopper’ Tip: Everyone knows these doomsday bunker production builders make their money on upgrades. Find out what’s included in the “basic” package versus the “more money than common sense” package.

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