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INDIANAPOLIS — Hundreds of frontline workers at IU Health in Indianapolis were vaccinated for coronavirus on Wednesday.

As the health system is making sure its staff are safe, they are also taking advantage of opportunities for their med students to learn. As part of a program they started last month in anticipation of a vaccine coming soon, IU Health is having an army of 600 med and nursing students administer the vaccine to IU Health staff members.

“It’s to help the frontline workers who are sacrificing a lot for us,” said Anna Roesler, a fourth-year med student at IU, to WISH-TV. “I was happy to be able to help give vaccines to them and hopefully start the end of the pandemic.”

She says it’s not as simple as just filling the syringe with vaccine and sticking it in someone’s arm. IU Health started the program last month to properly train med and nursing students how to properly give the shot, which includes proper cleaning of the a person’s arms and holding the needle in the arm for 10 seconds.

“It was important to learn each step and to not miss a step,” she said. “It looks simple but you have to make sure you have everything.”

The program is not centric to IU Health campuses in Indianapolis. They say they are having nursing and med students at IU Health locations all over the state do the same thing.