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Hammer and Nigel, the creative minds who brought you an entire album of “millennial-friendly” holiday hits have an all-new single on the charts that’s earning praise from the CDC and the #MeToo movement: “Baby It’s COVID Outside.”

Yes, the hit that was once considered the most ‘rapey’ Christmas classic of the bunch has been updated to reflect a woke nation’s respect for women and concern for the several hundred million Americans who will never contract the Coronavirus thanks to the resourceful thinking of an oppressive government.

The critics rave for “Baby It’s COVID Outside.”

#MeToo Movement: “This song is more offensive than their radio show.”

CDC: “Highly irresponsible.”

AOC: “Sex work is work.”

Click the link below to treat your auditory senses to an early Christmas gift!

Hammer and Nigel Records is proud to present for your listening approval, “Baby It’s COVID Outside.”