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FORTVILLE, Ind. — It’s a snow day for a school in Hancock County, meaning all kids are home for virtual learning, but instead of working on a computer all day they’ve asked their students to grab their snowshoes.

Mt. Vernon Community Schools Superintendent Jack Parker said students only have one new assignment.

Step one, students have to use the scientific process and plan an outfit that will keep them warm and dry while playing outside.

“Once this hypothesis has been secured, students will be expected to test their theory by going outdoors and playing in the snow,” said Parker.

Step two, students will be practicing their skills of estimations and measurements by throwing snowballs at each other, the catch they have to stay six feet apart.

If they happen to get hit with a snowball, it’s time to practice their social skills and use good words to express themselves.

For the kids that aren’t feeling well, Parker said their assignment is to rest and drink plenty of fluids.

“Students will self-report their grades to their teachers tomorrow during our regular virtual-learning day,” he said. “Teachers have the option to not record this as a graded assignment.”

He said students can also earn extra credit by helping shovel sidewalks and driveways.