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INDIANAPOLIS — Today is the last day for Hoosiers to claim their share of a restitution payment related to the Equifax data breach of 2017.

Hoosiers have until the end of the day Wednesday to visit and file a claim for part of the $19.5 million Equifax paid the state.

The Equifax data breach happened between May and July 2017. The breach compromised the personal information of 147.9 million Americans, including nearly four million Hoosiers.

“For more than two months, we have made every effort to reach the nearly 4 million current and former Indiana residents who were harmed by Equifax’s failure to protect personal information,” Attorney General Hill said. “If you haven’t visited and filed a claim for a payment, please do so today. This is your last chance to claim the portion of our settlement to which you are entitled.”

If you are not eligible to file a claim, it is likely that you have family or friends that are, according to Hill. Please encourage them to visit and file a claim before time runs out.